RIGS – Mechanized combat league

Character work for RIGS – Mechanized Combat League
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe / Guerrilla Games

Sharing some character work I did on RIGS – Mechanized combat league with Sony/Guerrilla Games, showcased at E3 2015.
I worked as a 3D Character/Asset Artist on the RIGS themselves along with some other talented artists.

RIGS Team:

Chris Ridell (Team Lead, Shader design, Texturing pipeline, LOD and GPU optimisations, Outsource Management)
Kieran McKay (Rig/Accessories Modelling, Texturing, Cleanup)
Matthew Tracey (Rig Modelling, Texturing, Cleanup, Misc Props)
David Hilborn (Weapon Modelling, Texturing and Cleanup)
Marie Börgesson (Pilot models and textures)
Frederic Leullier (Modelling, Texturing, Cleanup)
Pawel Widelski (Rig/Weapon Modelling, Texturing, Cleanup)
Darek Zabrocki (Marketing, Concepts, Designs)
Geoffrey Ernault (Marketing, Concepts, Designs)
Kjetil Nystuen (Marketing, Armour designs, Rendering)
Mitch Phillips (Concept, Marketing)


Collaborative project I did along with Darek Zabrocki as part of our sharing knowledge. We wanted to join forces and teach each other knowledge about our techniques. We started with traditional exploration sketches and after brainstorm we went with his sketch and I started modelling and we continued work back and forth till the final piece. Was so much fun